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Adam Complains About Slerd Priority:

“So, one slerd out of billions has an accident, and you tear up the rule book; it’s all hands on deck. I remember the Viroverse nearly collapsing under a resource crisis, billions of us reduced to scavenging husks, and it took luck, blood, and complicated legal machinations before it got sorted. Is this one man more important than one hundred billion resurrected?”

“Yes he is,” the Captain bluntly replied. “The inhabitants of the slerding plains are the last human generations; the people who created the Viroverse, permitted resurrection and, most importantly, drew up the contracts.”

“So, we are second class citizens,” John said.

“A physical socio-historical archive is a better description. One of their lives is worth the entire Viroverse. There is nothing you can do to change it, so I suggest you just accept the situation.”

Adam nudged John:

“Nothing ever changes.”

Captain Andrews smiled:

“Now that you know your place, we can continue with the matter in hand.

Stephen Ayres: Copyright 2016