Stephen Ayres© All rights reserved.

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John Down Talks About Adam’s Celibacy:

So, now you are single again, you are no doubt on the prowl, looking to seduce another victim.”

Remembering who he was talking to, Adam kept his cool and did not take offence.

“Well, no actually. Stern and I have a bet on who can go the longest without sex. I guarantee he’ll crack first. Nowadays, he’s walking around the Viro with a permanent boner. I absolutely refuse to be seen with him when he gets out of the river in his wet shorts.”

John went silent for a moment, perhaps deciding whether to praise Adam for his self-restraint or whether to admonish him for gambling. Finally, he spoke:

“Have faith that there are benefits both here and in Heaven for your abstemiousness.”

“There sure are,” Adam said, nudging John. “Without someone to nag me, I get to slob around in my chair all day, drink as much as I like, and I’ve got one hell of a handshake.”

Stephen Ayres: Copyright 2016